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In Memory of Pat Campbell

In memory of John Patrick “Pat” Campbell, Sr. Sincerely,  | George and Julianne (Harrell) Khoury No one ever fights this alone! We are all in! LYMI – Kristin DuPree May […]

Pilot Program

We need you! We are hosting a pilot program for our medical portal. We are seeking 25 cancer patients to use our portal and provide us with feedback. Are you […]

Your donations at work

It’s TIME!

It’s time to implement the tool that we have created to assist our efforts in the navigation and coordination of care for cancer patients. Our medical portal will be multi-faceted working with multiple physicians, pharmacies, and patient care teams to assist and coordinate the navigation of care. This consolidated effort accompanied by our team of care, nursing and pharmaceutical advocates will set the stage for better care resulting in cancer patients living longer and better lives.