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Islands Against Cancer

We will walk with you as you take on this life changing diagnosis! We are Islands Against Cancer, Inc. a local nonprofit providing tools and assistance so that you and your medical care team can more easily and efficiently navigate the path back to health!


Cancer cases in in the United States in 2023


New Cancer cases in the Unites States every day

We are working everyday to assist cancer patients and their caregivers to navigate the winding and often confusing roads of care.

Helping Cancer Patients Live Longer & Better Lives

In the Lowcountry of South Carolina

Cancer is a major public health problem worldwide and the second leading cause of death in the United States.

Your Local connection to Local cancer advocacy and support programs and resources.

We’re a local South Carolina non-profit charity.

Give A Helping Hand For Those In Need

Help us help your sister, brother, mom, dad, grandparent, aunt, uncle, cousin, child, friend…cancer has no limits, and we are here to assist in the fight!

We are there for patients and their family/caretaker(s) fighting everyday health conditions, including cancer by coordinating and reviewing care to assist with oversight and explanation. 

We provide Navigational Planners Available as part of our IAC, Inc. package. We have these planners in both print and digital form.  Organize your care and make it easier for your loved ones to advocate for you.

Your Job is to Fight Cancer – Our Job is to Fight for You!

Our Digital Planner works for any and all medical care regardless of your condition. If you would like to support our mission, please purchase a Digital Planner for $11 Today and use for better health! 

Meet Runnie and Rudie, our Cancer Slayers! Runnie and Rudie use their magical powers and some magical items to help slay cancer. Each child’s story/coloring book comes with a pack of crayons and a small dragon figurine. Feel free to add a Cancer Slaying Blankie (handmade by a local nurse (Anna Monk) for our cancer slaying Warriors!


13th Annual Bo's Roast & Chili Cook Off was a HUGE SUCCESS!

Thank you once again for Supporting Islands Against Cancer, Inc. & Clear Cell Sarcoma Foundation!
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